outside – in school – in kindergarden


  • leather insole;
  • easy to wear;
  • on feet of varying thickness;
  • rich design suited to the child’s age.



in home – in school – in kindergarden


  • breathable soles;
  • fasteners for easy adjustment to the rate of varying thickness;
  • natural and breathable materials;
  • ornaments chosen for children of all ages.



in home – in school – in kindergarden


  • breathable soles;
  • rich design;
  • breathable materials;
  • easy to wear.



in home – in school – in kindergarden


  • leather insole;
  • rich design suited to the child’s age;
  • stabilizing heel;
  • fasteners for easy fitting of shoes to a child’s foot.


sportowe buciki

outdoor – on the pitch

sport collection

  • fashion design;
  • to the rate of varying thickness;
  • lightweight, shock-absorbing soles;
  • fasteners easy to wear.


na zewnątrz

outdoor – on the pitch


  • perfect for walking;
  • antibacterial, antifungal insole;
  • light, flexible soles;
  • fashionable styles and colors.


kalosze eva

on baackyard – to the sun – to rain

EVA collection

  • made of light material EVA;
  • easy to keep clean;
  • fashionable colors;
  • moving sock allows the use wellies at different temperatures;


dla doroslych

at home – at work

for adults

  • on feet of varying thickness;
  • natural and airy materials;
  • lightweight, flexible, contoured soles lifting comfort;
  • rich design suitable for men and women of all ages.


Dr orto

at home – at work

Dr Orto

  • for sensitive and diabetic feet;
  • soft and flexible material for the uppers;
  • minimized the amount of stitches and seams;
  • lining with active silver ions.

check dr Orto websitedr orto

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