Children’s footwear is our passion

As a company with over 80-years of tradition, we take care of the development, health and comfort of the little feet. We combine our experience and advanced technology with the latest designs to produce the original Polish high quality shoes. Manufacturing of top quality shoes is our success and for that reason we are valued and recognized by our customers both in Poland and throughout Europe.

We offer wide range of footwear for people of every age: kids, youth and adults as well as supportive and orthopaedic shoes for people having problems with their feet. Our shoes are manufactured in accordance with the recommendations of orthopaedists and anthropologists from the Institute of Shoe Industry in Łódź, branch in Cracow, who award “Healthy Foot” certificate to footwear produced by Befado. The certificate is guarantee that our shoes ensure healthy development of children’s feet from early years.

Apart from our manufacturing and commercial activities, we try to a great degree to help the needy. We give our support to kindergartens, schools, children’s homes, social assistance houses.

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